About the Shirokiya


Originally opened as a dry goods store in Tokyo (at that time called “Edo”) in August 1662 by Hikotaro Omura,
Shirokiya boasts a 350 year history of growth and changes.
Through earthquake, fire, and economic downturn, Shirokiya has endured.
In 1958, Shirokiya was absorbed into the Tokyu Group under the Tokyu Department Store chain and name.
An overseas expansion bore the first Shirokiya outside of Japan.
On October 29, 1959, Shirokiya opened in Hawaii’s then brand-new Ala Moana Center.
In 1966 Shirokiya moved to its present location (across from Liberty House, now Macy’s).
In 2011, in preparation of its upcoming 350th Anniversary, Shirokiya began major renovations throughout the store.
The first phase of renovations began with changing the entire second level to YATAIMURA® Quality Food Court,
based on the experience of enjoying the offerings from the food carts in Japan.
The changes also included adding a relaxing dining area under a trellis of seasonal blooms. The addition of
Yataimura® Beer Garden was also well received.
A second major change was done on the mall level, creating MEIKA® PLAZA, in addition to a second smaller
trellised dining area, to relax and enjoy a shopping break, lunch, or dinner.
The third change in September 2011, was the addition of the KZOO RADIO SHIROKIYA STUDIO on the mall, a
first experience of having a radio station located within a department store.

2012 marked Shirokiya’s 350th Anniversary and it was celebrated with special events and the new renovations.

Shirokiya continues to progress and change to better serve the local community, our loyal shoppers, and our
visitors to Hawaii. Our goal has always been to offer our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience.
Whether it be for our endless selection of food items in Yataimura® or for leisure shopping time on our mall level
in the Traditional Japanese Plaza, Healthcare Plaza,, and enjoying the offerings of our many vendors.

Japanese Village Walk.

Radio KZOO AM 1210

Check Out the Brand New KZOO Radio Studio! Live Radio Broadcasting Every Day. Listen to the programs featuring the Japanese culture,people and local musicians.